Video Resume FAQ

What is JOBMA?

JOBMA offers a powerful job search engine that allows Job Seekers to interact with Employers in a way not possible through existing job search sites. With over ten years of experience in the job sourcing industry, JOBMA combines our knowledge into an online experience aimed to ease the process and costs associated with getting a job and hiring an employee. Having experience with many people in need of employment or looking for a change, we understand that Job Seekers need to be more than just a resume. JOBMA gives Job Seekers a high level of personal branding by combining their traditional resume with a personalized Video Resume and social media integration. This gives Employers an opportunity to "meet" candidates before bringing them in for an interview, and gives Job Seekers a competitive advantage in a flooded marketplace.

JOBMA allows Job Seekers to enrich their ability to reach Employers in a unique and meaningful fashion. In our opinion differentiation is the key to getting an Employer's attention, and therefore getting a job. Through Video Resumes, JOBMA offers the ability for Job Seekers to present themselves directly to Employers, sharing their personality and experience in a short well thought out video pitch. JOBMA streamlines the hiring process for Employers by eliminating the stress, guess work, and error from filing through resumes, creating a better company fit by allowing Employers to 'meet' job candidates before the interview. JOBMA creates flexibility with video interview capabilities and gives Employers confidence in always making the best hire.

The best part about JOBMA is that it costs Job Seekers absolutely nothing! JOBMA hosts a Job Seeker's profile, including resumes and Video Resumes, for free.

What do I need to take part in video interviews?

All you need is internet access. Signing up, searching for and applying to Jobs on Jobma is absolutely free. If you have a PC with a webcam you can use that to take part in video interviews. If you have a mobile device you can use our Jobma app (available on iOS and Android platforms) and take part in video interviews on the go as well.

As long as you have a smart phone or a tablet that has a camera built in you can use the Jobma App (available for iOS and Android devices) to sign up, sign in and take part in video interviews. You don’t need a webcam!

First thing you should check is to see if your internet is still working. Next try closing the browser and re opening it. Or you could try different browsers. If you are using the app you can also try re-launching it. If nothing else works, our technical support team is standing by to help you further

Creating your video resume is simple and free. Once you sign up for a Jobma account, you can log into your profile and click on the “Record video resume” button on the left and follow the instructions from there. Don’t forget to share your video resume using our social media sharing options. You can also connect your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account and share your profile across them to get maximum exposure.

We sure do. Visit our Video Resume section to find tips, answers to frequently asks questions about video interviewing and best practises. Click here.

Yes, to take advantage of the great opportunities available on JOBMA, you are required to register for a Video Resume profile. However, registration takes very little time and will give you the opportunity to apply for jobs instantly when you find the right match. Simply click "JOIN FOR FREE" located on the top banner of the JOBMA home screen. Once you start, JOBMA will guide you through the rest of your registration and into your video profile creation.

Although you are not required to, we highly recommend that you do upload your resume to give Employers a more complete look at your skills and work history. Your profile sets the stage, your video pitch tells the story, and your resume acts as an appendix filled with more detailed information.

Yes, your Video Resume is what sets you apart from other job applicants. On other job websites, Employers have to filter through hundreds of written resumes. On JOBMA, your Video Resume gives you the opportunity to make a unique first impression with Employers, putting you on the right path to landing a job.

For only $5 per month, Job Seekers that purchase a Premium JOBMA account can upload two additional (three total) Video Resumes.

1. Treat your Video Resume like an interview. You should dress appropriately, be well groomed and of course be prepared. Choose your location wisely to ensure good lighting and a background that looks clean, neat, and professional. Bedrooms and coffee shops typically don't make for the best locations to create a Video Resume. 2. Prepare your Video Resume content in advance. It's better to have a script than to just turn on the camera and try to 'wing it'. Try to use your Video Resume script as a general guideline rather than reading directly from it.

Fill out your JOBMA video profile completely and honestly. Also, be sure to utilize keywords associated with your top skills, because Employers will use these to search for resumes and Video Resumes that match the job positions they are trying to fill.

JOBMA does not disclose any personal information without your consent, except to comply with applicable laws or legal proceedings where such information is relevant. For more information, please read JOBMA's Privacy Policy OR Contact Us

There are certain features given to every JOBMA user, including a complete online profile along with a 60 second video resume and unlimited job-search and job-sharing on Social Media & Employment sites. Whereas, a Premium Membership allows you the option of uploading three 60-second video resumes. Each video can represent a different aspect of your work experience so you can tailor which video resume you wish to include when applying to different types of positions. It will give you access to unlimited job applications and it will allow you to share your text based resume as well as your video resume on other significant job-search websites, including LinkedIn. In addition JOBMA will send you automated emails with current job-openings that match your profile. Moreover, it will provide you with 24/7 technical support.

We at JOBMA take the security of our site very seriously. The confidentiality of your information is very important to us. Rest assured it is an absolutely safe and secure application. Your information is confidential to us and we will not share your information without your consent.

Right after you register as a Premium member on JOBMA, you will start getting automated emails of current job-openings matching to your profile. You can review and apply to as many jobs as you wish. You will also want to add three video resumes to your profile. Each video can highlight a different part of your experience. You can set any of the video resumes as your default video resume with respect to the job that you applying for.

With the basic membership, you can record a single video resume which will usually be more general in nature than if you had the Premium Membership and the ability to tailor the video resume based on the job you are applying for. Your single video should explain your overall background and work experience. This video resume will be the only video resume of your profile and should be included when you apply for any job.

Please check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there by accident. Also, be sure to accept JOBMA as a trusted domain to receive e-mails from. Still, if you are not able to find the confirmation mail, then send us an email and Team JOBMA will get back to you soon to correct any issues.

Yes, you can absolutely register on JOBMA! A couple of early concepts of JOBMA are that we live in a global economy and JOBMA is all about connecting job-seekers with the right employer without geographic boundaries. JOBMA lets you expand your horizons and helps to open the doors to this global economy.

When your premium membership account is nearing its expiration date, JOBMA will automatically send you alerts to remind you of the approaching expiration date. Should your Premium Membership account expire, your account will stay active but, it will have the features that are available with a Basic Account package. What that means is: You will not get any automatic job-match updates and only one video resume will be visible on your profile. To return to Premium Member status, just click on the "Upgrade" tab and pay to upgrade your account.

To renew Premium Membership, simply click on the "Upgrade" tab. It will redirect you to the payment gateway, where you can easily upgrade your account to the Premium Membership.

We use your mobile number to verify your account authenticity. It will be used only as an additional security measure with respect to your account.