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Remote Accounting Manager/Jr Accounting Manager - Part-Time Contract or Contract-to-Hire

  • Job expire date: 08/25/2021
  • Available After: Immediate
  • Job Type: Contract
  • Hourly Rate: USD 35 - 45 / Hour
  • 1. Po Box 190931, San Francisco County, California, United States
    2. 89 E 42nd St, New York,, New York County, New York, United States
Keywords accountingstartupcontrollermonth-end-closeCPAaccountantSilicon ValleyNew YorkUS GAAP
Functional Area Accounting & FinanceConsultingProfessional Services
Industry Accounting/FinanceBusiness ServicesOutsourcing Services
Job Description
  • The Position

    Part-time Accounting Manager/Jr Accounting Manager (1 position open) contract, 5-20hrs/week to start, then potential to gradually increase/convert to full-time if mutually agreeable.

    Possibility of fewer weekly hours for candidates seeking or requiring more flexibility.

    The (Jr) Accounting Mgr will work directly with, and support our/client’s CFO to coordinate the US GAAP compliance of their accounting, ensure that the books are closed on time, and help manage the team of accountants, as well as answer accounting questions from internal and external audiences.


    The Pitch

    Caring for someone home, on the road, in a job with extra time/testing the market, starting your career/needing a place to step up/start building your career, looking for more flexibility, to spend more time with loved ones, looking for a student job while finishing a degree?

    Whatever your situation, if you have anywhere between 5 and 20 hours per week available, are interested/able to work remotely, eager to make a difference, excited about being part of the adventure of a startup helping startups, get in touch.


    The Process

    Apply online at  and tell us why we should hire you.


    The Musts

    -         Self-Starter We are here to help, and open to questions, but let’s face it, you’ll be working remotely in a startup environment, so you’ll have a fair amount of things to figure out and occasionally no time to wait for us to answer all your questions.

    -         Remote Work OK, this one is obvious, but you need to have a working computer/internet, and a spot where you can work and occasionally participate in video-conf.

    -         Proactive We are a startup (did we mention it already?), so there are things we think we figured out but don’t, things you think we figured out but don’t, things you think you figured out but don’t. Well, you see the picture, so if you aren’t able to engage us/ clients/your aunt Lucy who knows so much about accounting/anybody relevant to the issue, you’ll never be the employee of the month and that would make us very sad.

    -         Active Communicator We don’t care what letter your personality fits  (we do, but don’t have any preference if you play well with others), but we cannot have anyone not reach out to tell us that projects are/aren’t on track, there are issues that to resolve, that you are behind, hate how your favorite series ended last night, that we are the greatest, or anything relevant to our job/relationship/company. Can be by phone/text/e-mail/WhatsApp/smoke signal, doesn’t matter. But we need an open communication to effectively work remotely together.

    -         3 Years Relevant Experience We know, lame, but while we will be actively developing you, we need you to know a minimum about the stuff you’re working on.

    -         Meet Deadlines We know, lame again, but we do have deadlines. So yes, hours are flexible, but not deadlines.


    The Wants

    -         Accounting Degree Sounds old fashioned, but it really helps. Even better if you are CPA.

    -         Startup Mentality with ability to think on your feet and figure things out as you go

    -         5 Years Relevant Experience I know, we said 3 years earlier, so more is optional but still better, although we won’t consider candidates claiming over 250 years of experience. And no, you cannot count Monopoly play time as relevant experience (even if you were darn good at it).

    -         Experience with Tools traditionally used in our environment like Excel, Asana, Stripe,, QBO, Gusto, etc.

    -         Non-Profit/Government Contracts Experience This is the exotic one so no worries here, but we also have non-profits clients or startups with gov. contracts.

    -         Understand Startup Challenges We just threw it in there because we didn’t want to have just 5 wants, but if you already have a sense of the challenges of a traditional startup environment that would be really cool, and would make everybody's life easier. Bonus points if you know who assassinated President Kennedy (if you didn’t know JFK had been assassinated, go back in line, or just don’t mention it in the interview, that would be really weird).


    What’s on the Table

    -         Open-Ended Career where you’ll be given opportunities to learn, develop, and grow in a dynamic environment.

    -         Flexible hours. As long as you meet the deadline. And have occasional availability to hop in a video chat, respond to e-mails, etc., it really doesn’t matter when you do the work.

    -         Remote Work from your home, office, garage, boudoir, sunny beach, etc.

    -         Exciting Environment of innovative startups where you can make a difference and shape the future of our business (and save the world if you have some spare time).

    -         Stock Option plan and incentives as we grow the company.

    -         Opportunity to tell your friends that you work in the coolest company in an industry that nobody thought was sexy.

    -         Leadership Team with a cool French accent (yes, all of them…well, at the moment)


    The Questions You’ll Need to Be Able to Answer

    -         How many years of relevant experience do you have?

    -         What is your experience and motivation to work on a part-time basis and remotely?

    -         Why do you think that you are a good candidate for this position?

    -         Are you willing and able to undergo a background check in accordance with local laws and regulations?

    -         Are you willing and able to provide at least 2 business references available to discuss prior positions or projects?

    -         The mystery question that you never expected and could not ever in a million year be prepared for.


    Sounds like this is a great fit? Apply online at


    P.S. No cute kitties video please, we’ve got enough of them, thank you.

    P.P.S. No ugly kitties either, we haven’t got any but we don’t want them either.

About Company
  • Wind of the Future is a startup helping startups and non-profits setting up and managing their finance, tax, legal, HR, and administrative operations as a one-stop-shop so that they can concentrate on their market or mission. We help our client with as much as they need or as little as they want, with flexible terms, no minimums, no strings attached, scalable up or down in real time, and at a price that fits their budget.
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