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Blessing to the Job Seekers-Live Video Interviewing

In this modern world of advancement everything is becoming digital, same as in the case of an interview. It is a very tough job for the job seeker to move from one place to another in search of a job. The solution to this problem is video interviewing or video resumes. It is the digital way to connect the job seeker and owner. The foremost advantage of video interviewing it is financially more appropriate.
The data showed that online video interviewing has cut down the hiring expenditure. In addition to hiring expenditure, one can save the travelling cost and many other expenditures. Online Video Interviewing is beneficial for both job seekers and providers, as it is a convenient method-easy to conduct the interview from any location in the world. Video interviewing is classified into two further categories:

Pre-Recorded Interviews

In this employer will post the question regarding the job, and the job seeker has to respond to that question through a recorded video.

Live Video Interviews

In a Live Video Interview, the candidate and employer interact face to face through the internet connection. This is a financially effective way for an interview.


Dress appropriately.

Pretend as if you were doing the interview in person and dress how you would have dressed in that scenario.

Good lighting is important.

Sit in a place where your face will be lit from the front. Avoid sitting with a bright object (window, light etc) directly behind you.

Practice before you begin.

You have the option of recording a practice video (as many times as you want) and you should definitely use that option.

Be the star.

Sit so that you are in the center of the frame. Try to avoid sitting in an overly cluttered area. You should be the focus of the video.

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Benefits of the 3 Video Methods Interview

Nowadays almost all of us have a computer, a tablet or a Smartphone, and in 90% of cases they have a built-in camera. Also, we see how the use of video conferences by hangout, Skype, etc., is increasing. This means that the use of video, both to record and to be recorded, is being introduced in our daily life, and it is a factor that we have to take advantage of in Recruitment.

We live in a globalized world and one of your goals is to get the best talent possible, and many times, this is not in the same city or in the same country. To reach this talent, we will apply the 2.0 recruitment techniques, but this is only the first step.

Then comes the interview, where normally it is not easy for schedules or reasons of mobility, to have a candidate make a trip to your office just for an interview. To solve these difficulties, we have a Live Video Interview.

How a Pre Recorded Video Interview works.