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Need tips for Video resume?

Find out how you can create video resume effortlessly.

For those of you who are not familiar with our modernized hiring tool, an online video resume is simply a short video pitch. Job seekers may create their video to their liking, and may upload their unique link to a job seeker profile, may include it in an application, or may post on their social media profiles- a great networking tool! The pitch often includes a brief job history overview, a description of a job seeker's professional strengths, and the current objective of the job seeker.

If you need some help getting started on your video resume creation, need tips for video resume or aren't yet convinced of the power of a video resume, then check out the answers to some of these common job seeker questions below:

If I already include all of my relevant job seeker information in my text resume, then why should I create a video resume online?

This is a common misconception about video resumes. Although it might seem like you're being redundant when you make a video resume, their inclusion in your profile or application actually provides a lot of additional information that is not available to the employer through your text resume. For example, video resumes allow employers to assess a job seeker based on their soft skills. Soft skills include strengths such as communication skills, motivation, professionalism, charisma, and confidence. These sorts of skills are not portrayed through a text resume.

Do employers really want to receive video resumes?

Yes! They do. As explained earlier, video resumes allow employers access to your soft skills. It turns out that soft skills are an incredibly important part of being successful in finding a job. Although employers may not always be consciously aware of it, soft skills are just as important as (and sometimes more important than!) hard skills in determining which job candidate is the best fit for a given position. So having direct access to these soft skills via a video resume before an interview is a huge bonus for employers as is having a look at your video resume sample.

For what types of positions is it appropriate to create a video resume?

It is appropriate to create it for any job you are applying for. Every job requires some amount of soft skills in order to be successful. And because it allows you to flaunt your soft skills before the interview, creating a video resume will help you succeed in landing any position. It is helpful for sales representatives that want to show off their charming personality, school teachers that need to portray their approachable nature, and any job in between. So go ahead and create video resume online.

How much money does it cost to create a video resume?

Many video resume websites allow job seekers to create video resumes right on their website for free. If you're considering utilizing one of these sites, then be sure to check out the various options, as these sites all differ in the services that they can offer to job seekers and their fees. If you create it independent of one of these websites, then you should not have to buy anything in order to create it, assuming that you already have a video recording device and professional clothes to wear.

Where should I create my video resume?

Before you make a video resume, take some time to think through the best location to do so. An unprofessional and distracting background can cause an otherwise great video profile to become unimpressive. You'll want a location that has a clean, neat, tidy, and professional-looking background. You'll also want to create your video pitch in a space that will facilitate good lighting and sound qualities in your video. It is probably best to not make your video pitch in a coffee shop, your bedroom, or in a noisy, public place. If accessible, try finding a conference room or finding a space within your office.

What should I wear when I make my video resume?

It is typically recommended that you wear the type of clothes you would wear to an interview. In order to really stand out, consider wearing a professional business suit. Your video pitch will play a big role in creating an employer's first impression of you, so you'll want to make sure that you portray yourself as a professional!

Are video resumes only for attractive people?

This is just nonsense. Assuming that you get called in for an interview, employers are going to find out what you look like eventually. So by not creating video curriculum vitae, you are not getting around the issue of employers seeing you. Making a video resume (assuming that it is a good quality video) can only help increase your chances of landing the position. After all, it takes confidence to create it, and confidence is a soft skill that most employers actively seek out in job candidates.

Do you have any other tips for me before I create a video resume?

Finding a job you is a tough task; primarily because of competition in the market. However, there are a number of ways available to help you stand out from other job seekers when trying to lock down that nine to five that is why you should make a video resume. Utilizing video resume is another way of selling yourself or pitching your profile to potential employers. To make it possible for every job-seeker we at JOBMA have listed some useful video resume tips, that will land you the job you desire.

So I've created my video resume. Now what?

So you have followed our video resume tips and created a video resume using any online video resume builder, the possibilities are endless for sharing it. You can post it on your social media profiles, provide employers with access to it when you submit your application, share it with your friends and family, or use it to create a video resume-supported job seeker profile. Most video resume platforms will let you do it from their video resume app itself. Broadcasting your video profile is perhaps the most important step in this process. After all, if nobody can view your video resume, it will not be possible to impress people with it!